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September 2022

​​Johanna Mariegaard, research assistant in the NEAD Group, wins a poster prize at the Annual Research Day for Mental Health Services, Capital Region of Denmark, 2022. Her poster was her MSc project on the neuronal underpinnings of picture encoding in patients with mood disorders and the effects of EPO on encoding-related neural activity. Congratulations, Johanna!​

March 2022

Professor Kamilla Miskowiak received a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant for her project ALTIBRAIN, in which she will investigate the effects of simulated altitude training on cognition and brain function. Read more (in Danish): here and here.

Join the latest episode of “Videnskabens Veje” (in Danish), where you can hear Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Kamilla Miskowiak talk about EPO and the possible positive effects it can have on the cognitive functions of people with affective disorders​ here​.​​

October 2021

​​Professor Kamilla Miskowiak held her inaugural lecture as Full Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Friday 1st October 2021 – a joint position between Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, and the Mental Health Services, Capital Region of Denmark. It was a festive and inspiring afternoon!

You can login to the online ECNP platform to see all sessions from the ECNP 2021 congress if you have registered for the conference: here.

On the platform you can see:

-Our Educational Update Session from 3rd October 2021: EDU.03 – The maternal brain and mood disorders: clinical perspectives

-Our Educational Update Session from 4th October 2021: EDU.05 – Heterogeneity within emotional and non-emotional cognition in mood disorders: neuronal underpinnings and clinical implications

-The IN.08 – ECNP’s got talent session: